Christians Must Heed Jesus

Christians Must Heed Jesus
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·         Foreword: Christians must heed Jesus the Messiah
·         Introduction: Christianity is actually a monotheistic faith
·         Chapter 1: According to historical sources, the gospel has been corrupted over time
·         Chapter 2: The error of the trinity
·         Chapter 3: The error that Jesus (pbuh) was crucified
·         Chapter 4: Christian errors on the subject of fear and love of God
·         Chapter 5: The error that those who believe Jesus (pbuh) to be divine will go to paradise
·         Chapter 6: Some Christians’ error regarding Armageddon
·         Chapter 7: The errors in the attitudes of some Christians toward Muslims
·         Chapter 8: Jesus (pbuh) has come
·         Chapter 9: The danger in some Evangelicals’ ideas about the antichrist Appendix: The deception of evolution

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