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The Religion Of The Ignorant

The Religion Of The Ignorant
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There is a superstitious religion that holds sway over a great many people. This is a secret religion that does not reveal itself openly. It has no written rules. But it controls people’s behavior, attitudes and thoughts. People unconsciously abide by this superstitious religion’s tenets and lead their lives according to its commandments and prohibitions. When asked about their religion, these people living by this superstitious religion may possibly describe themselves as "Muslim" or "Christian." They may be irreligious or even atheists. But each of them is, in fact, a secret member of this covert religion. The tenets of this religion are not communicated directly to people. But from the time they are born, it is inculcated in them. So they never even notice that their behavior, thoughts, attitudes and even their gestures are the result of this superstitious religion. This superstitious religion aims to make its adherents "a fine person." "Being a fine person" means adopting the value judgments of this superstitious religion, conforming to its rules, prohibitions and attitudes and possessing its character traits. In order to be accepted by the society, not being regarded as odd and attaining a certain status, it is requisite "to be a fine person." This superstitious religion is that of "becoming a fine person," but we will call it "The Religion of Ignorance" for short.

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