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Satan's Sly Game The False Religion Of People-Worship

Satan's Sly Game The False Religion Of People-Worship
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Throughout history, the most important thing in some societies has not been what Allah expects from people, but what people expect from one another. With no awareness of the Qur'an's decrees or of the way of life enjoined in that book, people have strived to fulfill the expectations of the societies and social environments in which they live. Some people do not appreciate Allah’s power, the importance of earning His favor, or the penalty they will receive for not obeying His commands. Most people do not let these thoughts even cross their minds. Instead, the same people wonder what other people think about them and expect of them, and they are most interested in doing everything they can to ingratiate themselves with others. These individuals live in a system that directs more love and devotion toward their fellow men than toward Allah, and they are confined in a superstitious system in which people become one another’s slaves. This superstitious religion dictates people to leave Allah and worship one another. This errant religion, which is a symbol of becoming passionately attached to people, is called “The False Religion of People Worship.” This book shows how this satanic system puts people in great danger, both in this world and in terms of their eternal life to come. We explain how it coerces them into rejecting Allah Who created them, and deifies people in His place. In various examples from daily life, we demonstrate how people fall under the control of this system. We explain what people must do to save themselves from the spell of this false religion while they still have time.

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