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Passivity In Religion

Passivity In Religion
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When one refers to another as a "passive person," he means someone who lacks zeal, who is not concerned with the outside-world, or with the problems and trials of others, and who makes no effort to seek solutions to their problems. One who is passive lives unto himself, immersed in his own little world. This book explores the nature of this human type, one who consciously adopts this lack of commitment, a degree of moral depravity which he then tries to impart to the rest of the community. Such people, who aim to demoralize the Muslims, while living amongst them, may maintain they believe, but exhibit the attitudes of the hypocrites and those with a sickness in their hearts. Or, they may be of weak faith, and have not properly grasped its meaning, and failed to justly assess Allah. Those who give priority to their own interests over the Muslims' and that of Islam use Allah's name only to further their own interests, falsely assuming that they can build their agenda on this false piety. In consequence, after becoming aware of the detrimental results of the indoctrination efforts of the passive, it is of vital importance that Muslims remain attentive to such attempts and take the necessary measures. Devout Muslims, who make the Qur'an and the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas) their guide, will not, by the grace of Allah, fall under the influence of these suggestions, but continue their efforts in the way of Allah with fervent optimism. Allah has promised the sincere believers that He will grant them success, as He did to those who came before them, a promise which greatly strengthens their zeal and determination.

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