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  • Collapse of the Theory of Evolution

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    The Dark Spell Of Darwinism
    The goal of Darwinism is to get people to reject the obvious fact of Creation, which is clearly evid..
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    The Design In Nature
    Darwin said: "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly h..
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    The Errors The American National Academy Of Sciences
    In 1999, the National Academy of Sciences, USA, published a booklet called Science and Creationism: ..
    Ex Tax: $15.50
    The Evolution Deceit
    For some people the theory of evolution or Darwinism has only scientific connotations, with seemingl..
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    The Miracle In The Atom
    In the world in which we live, mankind is caught up in a continuous search for the answers to many q..
    Ex Tax: $6.90
    The Miracle In The Mosquito
    Eyesight cannot perceive God, but He has spread boundless evidence of His existence before the eyes ..
    Ex Tax: $7.00
    The Miracle Of The Immune System (Pocket Book)
    We fall sick many times throughout our lives. When the events of "sickness" and "recovering" take pl..
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    The Qur’an Leads The Way To Science
    God summons humanity to investigate and reflect upon the heavens, the earth, mountains, stars, plant..
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