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    Propecia is a very popular drug for alopecia. It is one of few products which is able to quickly stop alopecia and return beautiful hair to man. But not always Propecia provides similar result. In the course of the studies of the active component Finasteride it has been [proved that Propecia is effective only in the treatment of androgenetic type of alopecia which is related to the destruction of hair follicles by the active form of testosterone - dihydrotestosterone. Propecia is ineffective during Celsus' vertiligo, and other forms of alopecia. These forms of alopecia have completely another cause and factors which affect the hair loss, and they cannot be neutralized by Finasteride.

    Many have questions how effective Propecia is in the treatment of the female alopecia. Unfortunately, women also suffer from alopecia as well as men. But it is observed rarely. The high efficiency of Propecia in the treatment of the male alopecia is a unique case. In the treatment of the female alopecia Propecia is ineffective as well as strictly contraindicated. Finasteride contains a lot of the male sexual hormones. Women are contraindicated to take this medicine because the use of Propecia may cause the hormone disorders and lead to the worsening of the reproductive function. The studies have proved the danger of Propecia for women, while the use of Propecia does not cause the side effects in men. It is a unique drug which has an ability to restore the work of the hair functions exclusively in men.

    It is possible to buy Propecia in most cities of the USA, Canada, and EC but you cannot buy Propecia without prescription in every place. There are strict laws as to the sale of the medical products in some countries and states (in the USA). The sale of Propecia without prescription is prohibited in some countries, and therefore men have to go to the doctor who will write out a prescription. Just imagine how many men suffer from alopecia and how much time you will need in order to visit a doctor. It takes much time. It is possible to buy Propecia online without prescription in order to save your valuable time. Absolutely any man can buy Propecia online. The delivery of the drug is performed with the help of the courier service and you will not need to go to the post office for the package. You may buy Propecia online already today without losing time and you hair.

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