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    Burning and itching in the area of the external sex organs, white caseous discharges from vagina, painfulness during intimacy, and pain during urination - about three quarter of the female population have felt the result of the immoderate reproduction of Candida fungi in vagina. Thrush, or vaginal candidosis as called in the medical circles, is a fungal disease. Fungi are the usual inhabitants of the mucous membranes of the genitals and they do not cause the disease in the usual conditions. But as soon as the woman experiences low immunity, the number of these fungi is increased, so that candidosis is increased.

    Today, there are a lot of the drugs for the treatment of candidosis but the most successful is Diflucan. Diflucan is nowadays regarded one of the most effective antifungal drugs which are used in the treatment of thrush. The friendly use consists in that it is enough to take Diflucan once in order to get rid of the thrush. There is no need to take this drug for a long period of time. The active components of this antifungal drug quickly neutralize the development of fungi, so that 1 tablet is enough to remove the symptoms of candidosis, and the woman could have a complete life.

    Diflucan may be used in the treatment of many fungal infections including in the treatment of the generalized cansisosis which affects not only the reproductive system but also other organs and even central nervous system. Butsuchcomplicationshappenrarely. Oftentimes, Diflucan is used directly for the treatment of the vaginal candidosis. According to the statistics, every third woman have faced this disease once. To treat the vaginal candidosis the capsules of Diflucan 150 mg are used. After the single use of Diflucan 150 mg the reduction of the symptoms of thrush appears in a day, and its complete disappearance occurs in several days.

    If the signs of the thrush did not pass, it is necessary to go to the doctor, and repeat the course. If the treatment was started not at once after the appearance of the disease symptoms, candidosis may turn into the chronic form. It will complicate the treatment and the longer course may be needed. In these cases, women are prescribed 1 tablet of Diflucan 150 mg once per month. Usually, after 4 months of the treatment, candidosis is subject to the action of the drug and the disease symptoms pass.

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